Big comparison between iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max



When Apple presented the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, some experts began to say that it is absolutely
no different from the iPhone 12 Pro Max – in particular, it looks the same, and in general there are
minimal differences. "RG" is ready to refute this myth and tell you how the top-of-the-line iPhone of
the new generation differs from the previous one.

Let's start with the display. If you put the two smartphones side by side, you can easily tell which is
which. The fringes of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are smaller than its predecessor. This means that there
is more space available to display content on the smartphone. This is noticeable, for example, in
gaming shooters like PUBG Mobile, where it is important to "see" the enemy as quickly as possible.

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Another major innovation of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the support for display frequency up to 120Hz
– in the previous model it was 60Hz. The higher the frequency, the faster and smoother the on-screen
animations work. Gamers prefer these higher refresh rates, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max certainly
won't disappoint in this regard. The screen resolution is the same in both cases – 2778 x 1284 pixels,
brightness 1200 nits – the picture will be clearly visible even in the brightest sunlight.

In terms of performance, the iPhone 13 Pro Max outperforms its predecessor – synthetic tests
confirm this. The A15 Bionic in the new smartphone scores 1732 points in single-core testing and
4803 points in multi-core testing. The A14 Bionic in the iPhone 12 Pro Max scores 1,590 points in
single-core testing and 4,154 points in multi-core testing. Powerful gains have happened in terms of
graphics as well, with the iPhone 13 Pro Max scoring 14266 points, the iPhone 12 Pro Max just 9310.

To make these figures perceived better, we can say that the iPhone X, released in 2017, scored just
3,901 points. Current Android flagships currently can't even come close to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, let
alone the 13 Pro Max, in terms of test results. In addition, while previously the iPhone's maximum
storage capacity was limited to 512GB, it is now 1TB.

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But the main difference from the previous generation of "proshek" is the updated cameras. We had
to purposely take the same pictures on both devices so that we can talk more substantially about
why the iPhone 13 Pro Max shoots better than its predecessor.

Firstly, the main camera has been heavily upgraded. Thanks to a boosted aperture value from f/1.6
to f/1.5 and increased pixels – 1.9µm versus 1.7µm – the iPhone 13 Pro Max gets a camera that
"captures" much more light compared to both the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Android flagships.

This is particularly noticeable in low light. For example, if you look at the two photos in the park, the
distant light on the iPhone 13 Pro Max came out sharper than its predecessor. Also, if you focus on
the leaves lying on the ground, you can see that they came out much more detailed. And the shot of
the stadium behind the trees shows that the iPhone 13 Pro Max can work out the shadows even in
challenging nighttime photos.

“istanbul, Turkey – February 4, 2013: Woman hand holding and touching Apple iPhone 5. iPhone 5 displaying log in screen of Google application. The iPhone 5 is smartphone with multi touch screen produced by Apple Computer, Inc. Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation that provides Internet-related products and services, including internet search, cloud computing, software and advertising technologies.”

By the way, this smartphone is much less likely to switch to night mode – where its predecessor
already switches to 'night', the new one holds up very briskly and says there's plenty of light.

Another innovation that absolutely all photographers will appreciate is macro photography. The
iPhone 13 Pro Max's ultra-wide-angle camera has learned to take beautiful pictures of small objects
when zoomed in as close as possible. For example, when the user brings the device to an autumn
leaf, spider or ant, the camera automatically switches to macro mode. This mode has been proven to
require an object to be about 10 centimetres away in order to activate it. You can then move the
device closer to the subject. Again, it's hard not to notice that the macro shooting of the iPhone 13
Pro Max is much better than that of its Android rivals.

The telephoto lens has also been significantly upgraded. For those who like to shoot portraits in the
dark with the light falling in from the window, there's good news. The iPhone 13 Pro Max handles
this task better than its predecessor. This is particularly noticeable when examining photos in detail.
When viewed in detail on a widescreen monitor, the mole near the eyes appears much clearer on the
iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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The machine takes gorgeous pictures with a 3x optical zoom. While other manufacturers play the
game called "and we have a 100x zoom", Apple doesn't chase numbers, focusing on picture quality.
All optical zoom photos come out very sharp. By the way, the iPhone 12 Pro Max had a 2.5x zoom.

The Cinema Effect mode, which has become a feature of the new model, is worthy of a separate
mention. It's a new iPhone mode that uses software to blur the background when shooting portrait
videos. The same effect is used in films, where the camera is pointed directly at the main character
and the background is blurred. The Cinematic Effect works by automatically focusing on the largest
face seen in the frame. Interestingly, the option works with both the main and selfie cameras, which
is a plus for Apple – fans of selfies will be pleased. At the moment, you can shoot Full HD video at
30fps in Cinema Effect mode.

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The iPhone 13 Pro Max has done a good job on battery life as well. In all the time that the device has
been in testing, it has managed to discharge to a maximum of 20% during the day. The battery

capacity in the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 4352 mAh, which is more than that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max
(3687 mAh). That said, both smartphones can be charged up to 50% in an average of half an hour.

Who can be recommended the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which starts at 109,990 rubles in Russia? Firstly, it
will appeal to professionals who are engaged in photography and video shooting. They will get a very
powerful and compact device, which is as powerful as most digital cameras and is a full-fledged
pocket video studio. And secondly, the new device is sure to be taken by technology enthusiasts who
want their smartphone to have all the coolest technologies of the mobile world today.

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