iPhone 13 Pro Max compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max



Although the iPhone 13 Pro Max looks almost identical to its predecessor, the 12 Pro Max, there are
some significant changes that make it possibly the most exciting upgrade in the iPhone 13 range.

Firstly, there's a significant increase in battery capacity, followed by the extremely smooth
performance of the 120Hz ProMotion display. There's also higher brightness, the same three camera
system but with all new sensors, and… Shall we mention once again that the battery life has been
significantly extended? Now let's take a look at the main new features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and
how it compares to the 12 Pro Max.

In a nutshell, how does the iPhone 13 Pro Max compare to the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Design and style are almost identical, with the newer model being slightly thicker and heavier
The notch is 20% smaller
Same 6.7" screen size, 120Hz ProMotion vs 60Hz
Faster Apple A15 compared to the older Apple A14
Significantly improved battery life: 2.5 hours longer on average
All new cameras have faster apertures and the zoom camera has 3x zoom (2.5x zoom on the 12 Pro
New Sierra Blue colour

Display and design
Finally, 120Hz ProMotion. Also, the notch is now 20% smaller.

iPhone 13 Pro Max on the left, 12 Pro Max on the right – iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro Max on the left and 12 Pro Max on the right

One of the most exciting new features of iPhone 13 Pro Max is the upgraded display. The screen size
and resolution is exactly the same as last year, a 6.7-inch OLED panel with 1284 x 2778 pixels, but
what's new is that Apple has finally introduced 120Hz ProMotion for ultra-smooth scrolling on the 13
Pro Max. Previous iPhones have operated at 60Hz, which simply means that the screen refreshes 60
times per second, and the new model will refresh 120 times. This faster refresh rate means that
everything will look smoother when you interact with the screen. This is very important and is a great
reason to buy a Pro iPhone compared to the non-Pro models that run at 60Hz.

Display dimensions and quality

Face ID is still available, but this time the notch is 20% smaller and less obtrusive on the 13 Pro Max.

In terms of design, there are no major changes. The sides are flat and the overall look is the same,
but the 13 Pro Max is a little thicker and a little heavier – the 12 Pro Max weighed 228g, which is
quite heavy, and the 13 Pro Max weighs 240g. What's the limit? The 12 Pro Max weighs 228g and the
13 Pro Max 240g.

Woman Hands With Tablet, Laptop, Smartphone, apple and coffee

Both models are made from stainless steel, which is one of the reasons why they weigh more than
other models, which are generally made from aluminium, as evidenced by the glossy sides. The front
is made of Apple's ceramic-shielded tempered glass. It is also IP68 dust and water resistant, which
makes no difference to its practicality.

There are also new colours for the iPhone 13 Pro Max: the Pro models don't have the fun colour
options of the regular iPhone models, and the 13 Pro Max is mostly very conservative, but there is a
new Sierra Blue version that actually looks very attractive But there is a new Sierra Blue version that
actually looks very attractive. The one we're reviewing is graphite, and there are also bright silver and
a pale, champagne-like gold, which are also very stylish.

Battery and charging

All iPhone 13 models have an enhanced battery in some way, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the
most significant enhancement. In fact, it's the biggest battery Apple has ever put in an iPhone, and
the results are truly impressive.

Apple doesn't publish the exact battery capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro Max on its website, but a
teardown of the device reveals a 4,352mAh battery, compared to 3,687mAh in the iPhone 12 Pro
Max. That's an increase of about 20%, and coincidentally, the biggest leap in battery life since the 11

So what about battery life? According to the company's official announcement, the iPhone 13 Pro
delivers an average of 2.5 hours more battery life than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Let's also take a look
at the official estimates of battery life while streaming video.

iPhone 13 Pro Max – 25 hours

iPhone 12 Pro Max – 12 hours

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