Monday , November 22 2021

Mintegral launches playable advertising platform Playturbo

Mint integral and his in-house creative studio, Mindworks, launched the playable advertising platform Playturbo to attract players to discover mobile apps and games.

Beijing-based Mintegral is a mobile interactive advertising platform and adds a new playable ad creative platform that allows advertisers to customize their playable ads with considerable flexibility. The main advantage is that companies can quickly test new types of ads and create different versions in seconds.

A playable ad is essentially a mini-game. Viewers can experience the gameplay and key features of the source game in an ad experience that can range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. A prompt will then instruct them to download the full game. Playable ads can be accessed. They are therefore a great way to present a game when a user doesn't have a lot of time. These ads result in higher engagement rates and customer engagement, conversion, and lifespan than other ad formats.

In an email to GamesBeat, Stella Zhu, head of Mindworks Creative Studio, said the company's platform is mainly used for version iteration for playable ads, claiming that there is basically no learning curve. Playturbo is a playable self-service ad platform that allows advertisers to perform ad revisions and iterations in seconds, she said. Competitors include companies like AppOnBoard.

On the Mintegral platform, 82% of campaigns have interactive ads, and playable ads are responsible for 70% of all app installations, the company says. Compared to standard video ads, playable ads can generate an average 300% higher IVR, which can be increased tenfold in some successful cases. In addition, the retention rate of playable ads is more than 10% higher over the entire advertising cycle. At the same time, playable ads, thanks to their in-ad behavior tracking, help advertisers to better understand the target group and thereby better optimize their advertising motifs.

Above: Playable ads can be created with Mintegral's Playturbo.

Photo credit: Mintegral

The Playturbo platform also supports multilingual configurations, so advertisers can create nationwide playable ads. In addition, Playturbo allows advertisers to export or download different versions of their playable ads, making them compatible with major advertising networks such as Facebook, Google, Unity, AppLovin, IronSource and Vungle.

Mintegral has 200 employees and Mindworks has 50 employees.

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