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Razers Huntsman Mini is the first keyboard with 60 percent

Razer has announced its first 60 percent keyboard, the Huntsman Mini. It is intended for people who only need a minimum of dedicated keys. There is no number pad, no arrow keys or function keys. What remains is a simpler, travel-ready option that's great for those who want to maximize their desk space for a large mouse pad or just want something that is easier to store.

Razer is already producing various sizes of its Huntsman keyboard, including a full-size option and the 80 percent tenkeyless Huntsman TE. However, this 60 percent model is the smallest keyboard to date. And despite the small size, all functions that are missing at first glance are still available. They are only included as alternative functions for each key, which you can activate by holding the Fn key.

The Huntsman Mini is available in black or mercury white. Players can also use two different types of optical switches: clicking or linear. The click variant starts today for $ 119.99The linear switch keyboard will be available later this summer for $ 129.99. Razer claims to have made major improvements in noise reduction over first generation linear switches. This may be best if you want the tactile experience of typing on a mechanical keyboard without the noise normally associated with it. Both types of switches have an expected lifespan of 100 million keystrokes.

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In terms of hardware, the Huntsman Mini with its aluminum plate has a bold yet muted look. Each key is backlit with RGB LEDs, and you can customize its behavior in the Razer Synapse software. Razer uses double-shot PBT keycaps that do not rub off or the letters can wear out. The keyboard is connected to your PC via USB-C. You can use any USB-C cable if the included one doesn't match your aesthetic.

Razer claims to be the first major gaming accessory manufacturer to launch its own 60 percent keyboard, and is following in the footsteps of brands like Ducky that have helped popularize the form factor. Very famous Fourteen days Streamers such as Turner "Tfue" Tenney advertise with 60 percent keyboards, so of course most aspiring streamers and PC gamers generally want to follow the trend. It's easy to see why people stuck to the form factor. Due to their compact and lightweight design, they offer a lot of additional space on the desk, are easy to transport and have inspired a community of modders like Taeha Types to produce elaborate special models.

In my experience with 60 percent keyboards, including this one, I think your love or hatred for them depends on how much you rely on function and arrow keys. Granted, they're all still available here, but it takes serious mental gymnastics to reach for my trusted function keys. When I use a keyboard like this to write, my concentration flow is constantly interrupted to find out where a function has been moved. If you only play games, the learning curve will probably not be too steep.

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