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The television advertising of the games industry is slipping down more and more

Although estimated TV ad spending has increased slightly over the past 30 days, the gaming industry saw a 22.26% drop in overall ad impressions from mid-May to mid-May compared to mid-April to mid-May. PlayStation has overtaken Nintendo as the most-watched brand, and together they accounted for almost 80% of the industry's total TV advertising impressions.

GamesBeat has partnered with, the constantly active TV advertising measurement and mapping company, to provide you with a monthly report on TV advertising for the gaming industry. These are the advertisements and thus also the games that have given game marketers a boost.

The five most-watched TV advertisers in the gaming industry from May 16 to June 15 are listed below.

A total of 14 brands spent an estimated $ 15.3 million on 40 spots that aired more than 5,100 times, resulting in 740.4 million television advertising impressions.

Although PlayStation doesn't start broadcasting until the last day of May, PlayStation ranks first with 324.7 million TV ad impressions generated by five spots that aired 1,300 times. The most viewed ad with 224.2 million impressions was "The Last of Us Part II: Morning Sun". ESPN, Adult Swim, and TBS were three of the top impression networks, while top programming was included sport Center, family Guy, and First mouth.

Second place goes to Nintendo, which broadcast 15 ads over 1,700 times, resulting in 264.9 million TV ad impressions. The top commercial by impressions (51.1 million) was "How We Play: Mario Kart 8" and advertised the switch. SpongeBob SquarePants, The noisy house, and City greens were three of the top shows of impressions; Top networks included Nick, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.

GameFly came in third with 71.2 million TV ad impressions generated by six spots that were served 985 times. The most viewed ad was "Spare Change" with 19.4 million impressions. The top networks by impression included Laff TV, Comedy Central and Nick; Top programs include driving impressions South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, and According to Jim.

In fourth place: Star Stable, which ran two spots 643 times, which led to 45.1 million TV advertising impressions. The commercial with the most impressions (36.4 million) was "Unbreakable Bond". Star Stable was only advertised on three networks: Nick, Teen Nick and Nick @ Nite. Top programs included by impressions SpongeBob SquarePants, The noisy house, and Victorious.

The ranking is rounded off by MLB Advanced Media Video Games with 14.7 million TV advertising impressions, which are generated by a single advertisement: “R.B.I. Baseball 20: Home Runs ”, which was broadcast 267 times. The brand focused on reaching sports fans, with MLB Network, ESPN, and Fox Sports 1 being among the networks that received high impressions while the top programming replay MLB baseball games, the MLB design for 2020 and Biggest games: MLB.

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