Wednesday , December 22 2021

This creative boot camp can get your business going again

In this time, which feels like solitary confinement, it's easy to get into a creative rut and lose focus on the skills that make your business effective. If this sounds like you, don't worry, Craftsman Creative is here to get you and your business going again.

Craftsman Creative is an online education and coaching platform that offers courses that describe the creative processes for building a successful online or personal business. Regardless of whether it is your main job or your side appearance, you can regain control of your creative life with 12 hours of content, spread over 50 lessons, as well as professional coaching to identify and solve problems in your company. You will also receive the Craftsman Creative eBook, which contains many principles and wisdom that are sure to bring your creative life to fruition.

Craftsman Creative Coaching was founded by Daren Smith, a freelance entrepreneur and businessman with more than a decade of media production experience in Utah, Los Angeles and the UK. He has worked on productions for CBS Sports, MTV and the BBC and has created award-winning short films and documentaries with LDS Motion Picture Studios and BYUTV.

If you've wondered what you can do to improve your creative life, and therefore your business, it's time to sign up for Craftsman Creative. Best of all, you can get a two-year subscription to these constantly updated courses for just $ 99, just a fraction of the list price through VB Deals.

Subject to price changes.

Do you have what it takes to stay at home? Here are some you may have missed.

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