Wednesday , December 22 2021

You can now download Watch Dogs 2 for free on PC

Ubisoft allows you to redeem a free copy of the open world hacking simulator Guard dogs 2 for the PC simply by logging into your Uplay account. To get your copy of the 2016 game, go to this page on the Ubisoft website Here you will be asked to register. When you do this, you'll see a message that you've successfully claimed the game and that it will appear in your Uplay library soon. However, it is unclear how long the giveaway will take. Therefore, you may want to deal with the deal sooner rather than later.

Ubisoft previously announced that the game would be free if you watched the Ubisoft Forward digital press conference on Sunday and were signed in to Uplay. But technical problems prevented some people from claiming the giveaway. Ubisoft is not the only video game company that has technical giveaway issues. The Epic Games Store was closed for over eight hours when it offered rock stars Grand Theft Auto V free in May.

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